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Situated in the secluded region of Navajo County, Arizona is the historical neighborhood of Show Low. sitting at an impressive elevation of nearly 6,350 feet this unique community boasts stunning mountain resorts, heavily wooded terrain, pristine lakes and rivers, and a welcoming community. Due to Show Low’s naturally beautiful location, this astonishing community takes living green to a whole new level including a plethora of buildings and homes running off of solar and wind power. In addition to its beautifully organic way of life, Show Low contains a rich history that dates back thousands of years ago when it was first settled by the Native American tribes. Wondering where the name “Show Low” came from? Two settlers by the names of Corydon E. Cooley and Marion Clark who owned a ranch in the Show Low region decided that there wasn’t enough room for the both of them at the ranch and thus chose to end the feud over a poker game. At the end of the game Marion said “if you can Show Low, you win”, to that Cooley answered by showing the lowest card possible and winning the game, after that the town was named Show Low. In addition to its comical naming and rich history, Show Low offers its residents an exciting and unique array of amenities including excellent outdoor activities, fresh farmer’s markets, stunning mountain views, and an array of positive and happy residents.

Show Low residents and visitors alike enjoy an array of outdoor recreational areas filled with beauty and a large selection of activities like swimming, skiing, hiking, walking, biking, and so much more. Favorite recreational areas in Show Low include places like Sunrise Park Resort, Show Low City Park, Fool Hollow Lake Recreational Area, Show Low Lake Campground and several hiking and swimming areas as well. In addition to its exciting local areas, Show Low also offers a wide variety of excellent dining and grocery options including weekly farmers markets on Cooley Street (voted the best fresh market in the White Mountains), all organic restaurants including Jalapenos Cafe, Pizza Factory, and Los Corrales. This thriving community not only offers healthy dining options and a sustainable way of life but it also provides residents with an empowering community. community events and celebrations are held weekly in order to bring the neighborhood of Show Low closer together. Art walks, holiday parades, and community cookouts are just some of the way this astonishing community comes together to stay positive and informed about issues. In addition to its close-knit community, home buyers in Show Low are provided with an attractive range of homes for sale. 

The housing market in Show Low offers beautiful wooded lots, Traditional single family homes, log cabin style homes, and a plethora of single-story ranch homes. Prices of homes in Show Low are typically more affordable than inner city homes and suburban options but vary depending on size, style, location, and special features. Join the forest community of Show Low, Arizona and experience the wilderness paradise and adventurous atmosphere that mid eastern Arizona has to offer. 

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