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The forest community of Pinetop-Lakeside is located in the secluded region of Navajo County, Arizona. This affluent neighborhood boasts heavily wooded areas, beautiful mountain views, pristine lakes and an abundance of wildlife. Pinetop-Lakeside is surrounded by other communities like Snowflake and Taylor to the north, McNary to the south, Springerville to the east, and Pinedale to the west. With a growing population of around 4,300 residents and an area of about 11.3 square miles, Pinetop-Lakeside has an abundance of space for any family, couple, or individual that are looking to relocate to the area. In addition to its private and remote location, the community of Pinetop-Lakeside is known for its challenging recreational areas, colorful seasons, and a wide array of adventure destinations. In addition to its active reputation, Pinetop-Lakeside also provides a wide array of amenities to its residents including fine dining venues, strong area schools, 200 miles of multi-use trails, exciting winter sports, game hunting, 65 clear and pristine lakes, and a great selection of shopping locations. 

Residents of this astonishing community not only take great pride in their wilderness resort-like region, but they also utilize many of its recreational areas including places like Woodland Lake Park, Billy Creek Trailhead, Springs Trail Trailhead, and Mountain Meadows Park all featuring challenging hiking trails, campgrounds, and sports fields where visitors enjoy playing soccer, frisbee, and games of touch football. In addition to its plethora of recreational areas, the Pinetop-Lakeside community also provides residents with a variety of organic and hearty dining venues including a local favorite called Salt Restaurant & Wine Bar featuring a rustic chic atmosphere and elegantly plated dishes of mouthwatering American Cuisine. Other noteworthy restaurants include Pinetop Brewing Company, Darbi’s Cafe, and Charlie Clark’s Steakhouse. The unique region of Pinetop-Lakeside not only offers an exciting array of eateries, but it also gives its residents and visitors alike a glance into a serene mountain lifestyle, devoid of the extravagant material-based consumeristic encouragements and instead full of natural beauty and peaceful enlightenment. Those who are looking for a quiet, mountainous, and rewarding community should look no further than the neighborhood of Pinetop-Lakeside. 

Home buyers looking to relocate to Pinetop-Lakeside are offered affordable prices and a variety of breathtaking homes for sale. Architectural styles of homes in Pinetop-Lakeside include sturdy multi-story log homes, Traditional style homes, and Ranch style homes. The majority of homes for sale in Pinetop-Lakeside are single family houses and range in size anywhere from 1,400 to over 3,000 square feet. Prices of homes here vary depending on size, style, location, and special features. 

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