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Situated about 144 miles north of the popular city of Phoenix, Arizona is the unique community of Heber-Overgaard. This secluded neighborhood is located at an elevation of 6,627 feet and surrounded by communities like Zeniff to the north, Aripine to the east, Wiggins Crossing to the west, and Cibecue to the south. Due to its secluded location atop the Mogollon Rim, Heber-Overgaard contains a small population of around 3,000 residents. The economy in Heber-Overgaard is comprised of three basic industries, Tourism, Retirement, and Timbering. In addition to its thriving economy, Heber-Overgaard also contains a fascinating history dating back to the early 19th Century when a group of Mormon Pioneers settled in the area. The land in Heber-Overgaard was fertile and ideal for farming, thus the Mormon settlers decided it would be a good place to grow their community. This area has since flourished for its beautiful landscape, its plethora of outdoor activities, breathtaking seasons, and friendly residents. Those living in this astonishing community have an abundance of amenities and entertainments including thriving businesses, privately located homes, colorful wildlife, and a serene atmosphere. 

It's no wonder many retirees choose to live in the community of Heber-Overgaard, considering its amazing benefits like stunning parks, nature trails, delicious restaurants, basic shopping areas, and upbeat locals. Those looking to enjoy some of Heber-Overgaard’s natural beauty can visit any one of its nearby hiking destinations including the Hangman Trail, Cibecue Creek Trailhead, and the Black Mesa Ranger district for a variety of scenic walking paths. Residents and visitors of Heber-Overgaard also enjoy skiing, mountain biking, swimming, fishing, hunting and so much more. Located in Heber-Overgaard is a fantastic recreational complex including sports fields, tennis courts, and over 40 acres of trails to explore. In addition to Heber-Overgaard’s fantastic array of recreational areas, this unique neighborhood is also not far from some of the most stunning scenery in Arizona. The Mogollon Rim offers breathtaking views and several man-made lakes where visitors take part in activities like fishing, boating, and swimming. After a long day of exploring why not replenish your energy by grabbing a bite to eat at one of Heber-Overgaard’s delicious dining options like Al & Diane’s Red Onion Lounge, Casa Ramos, Wood Shed cafe, or the Three Bears Cafe. In addition to Heber-Overgaard’s desirable community, it also provides homebuyers with a wide selection of houses for sale. 

Families, couples, or individuals that are looking to purchase a home in Heber-Overgaard will be astonished by the variety of shapes and sizes of homes fit for any combination of needs. Homes for sale in Heber-Overgaard come in a beautiful array of Architectural styles including single-story ranch homes, lavish log homes, quaint mobile homes, and much more. Homes in Heber-Overgaard include a decent amount of privacy, lush green yards, beautifully landscaped gardens, and cozy interiors. Prices of homes in Heber-Overgaard very depending on size, style, location, and special features. 

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